vDWL - 3 wavelengths (vDWL(1) >= vDWL(2) > vDWL(3) at which the d
  d_eff = p3 d_ij (p1 p2) = p3 d_ij p1 p2
  matrix was measured,
  vWL - 3 wavelengths at which deff will be estimated.
              R. C. Eckardt, H. Masuda, Y. X. Fan, and R. L. Byer, ��Absolute
  and relative nonlinear optical coefficients of KDP,
  KD*P, BaB2O4, LiIO3, MgO:LiNbO3, and KTP measured
  by phase-matched second-harmonic generation,�� IEEE J.
  Quantum Electron. 26, 922�933 (1990).
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