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Class Details
Superclasses CMaterial
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
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Property Summary
m_caNonlinearCoefficientMatrix nonlinear stuff 
Method Summary
Static   NonlinearCoefficient1 d ref. = Badikov et al, Sov. J. Quant.  
protected   addNonlinearCoefficientMatrix  
  addlistener Add listener for event. 
protected   biaxialRefractiveIndex  
protected   biaxialRefractiveIndexM biaxialRefractiveIndex 
protected   biaxialRefractiveIndexMM biaxialRefractiveIndex 
  delete Delete a handle object. 
  dispersion [beta_n] = dispersion(obj, fWavelength, iDispersionOrder) 
  eq == (EQ) Test handle equality. 
Static   extraordinaryRefractiveIndex1  
  findobj Find objects matching specified conditions. 
  findprop Find property of MATLAB handle object. 
  ge >= (GE) Greater than or equal relation for handles. 
  getDeff deff = getDeff(vWL, vPolarisations, fTheta, fPhi) 
protected   getDisplacement  
protected   getElectricFieldVector  
  getIndexElipsoidPointAndNormal [vPoint, vNormal] = getIndexElipsoidPointAndNormal(wl, theta, phi) 
protected   getMillerMatrix vDWL - 3 wavelengths (vDWL(1) >= vDWL(2) > vDWL(3) at which the d 
protected   getPermittivityTensorBiaxial  
protected   getPermittivityTensorDiagBiaxial  
protected   getPermittivityTensorDiagUniaxial  
protected   getPermittivityTensorUniaxial  
  getPhaseMismatch [ fPhaseMismatch ] = getPhaseMismatch(vInWavelengths, vInPolarisations, vOutWavelengths, vOutPolarisations, fTheta) 
  getPhaseMismatchAngles [ vPhaseMismatch ] = getPhaseMismatchAngles(vInWavelengths, vInPolarisations, mInAngles, vOutWavelengths, vOutPolarisations, mOutAngles) 
protected   getPolarizationDirections [vD1,vD2, vDelta] = getPolarizationDirections( vWavelengths, fTheta, fPhi) 
protected   getPolarizationDirectionsBiaxial [vDs, vDf] = getPolarizationDirectionsBiaxial(vWavelengths, vTheta, vPhi) 
protected   getPolarizationDirectionsUniaxial [vDo, vDe] = getPolarizationDirectionsUniaxial(fTheta, fPhi) 
protected   getPoyntingDirection [vPoyntingDirectionO,vPoyntingDirectionE, fWalkOffAngleO, fWalkOffAngleE, vElectricDisplacementO, vElectricDisplacementE] = getPoyntingDirection( fWavelength, fTheta) 
Static   getPropagationDirection s = getPropagationDirection(vTheta, vPhi) 
protected   getSumFrequencyVector  
  getValueForPolarization PolVal = getValueForPolarization(obj, sPol, OSVal, EFVal) 
  getVectors [vOrdynaryD, vExtraordynaryD, vOrdynaryE, vExtraordynaryE, vOrdynaryP, vExtraordynaryP] = getVectors(vWavelengths, vTheta, vPhi) 
protected   getVectorsBiaxial [vSlowD, vFastD, vSlowE, vFastE, vSlowP, vFastP] = getVectorsBiaxialOld(vWavelengths, fTheta, fPhi) 
protected   getVectorsUniaxial [vOrdynaryD, vExtraordynaryD, vOrdynaryE, vExtraordynaryE, vOrdynaryP, vExtraordynaryP] = getVectorsUniaxial(vWavelengths, fTheta, fPhi) 
  getWalkOffAngles [fWalkOffAngleS, fWalkOffAngleF] = getWalkOffAngles(obj, vWavelengths, fTheta, fPhi) 
  groupVelocity [vg] = groupVelocity(obj, fWavelength) 
  gt > (GT) Greater than relation for handles. 
Sealed   isvalid Test handle validity. 
  le <= (LE) Less than or equal relation for handles. 
  lt < (LT) Less than relation for handles. 
  ne ~= (NE) Not equal relation for handles. 
  notify Notify listeners of event. 
Static   ordinaryRefractiveIndex1  
  phaseMatch [fTheta, fPhaseMismatch] = phaseMatch(obj, vInWavelengths, vInPolarisations, vOutWavelengths, vOutPolarisations) 
  phaseMatchAngles [vInAngles, vOutAngles, vPhaseMismatch] = phaseMatchAngles(obj, vInWavelengths, vInPolarisations, vInAngles, vInAnglesFit, vOutWavelengths, vOutPolarisations, vOutAngles, vOutAnglesFit) 
  propagationConstantMM [mOrdinaryK, mExtraordinaryK] = propagationConstantMM(vWavelengths, mTheta) 
  refractiveIndex Returns the refractive index or indices 
  refractiveIndexM Returns the refractive index or indices in 
protected   refractiveIndexVector  
protected   setReferenceFrameType  
protected   setup  
protected   truncateAngles [ theta, phi ] = truncateAngles(obj, theta, phi ) 
protected   wavelengthCheck sErrorLevel 'warning', 'error' 
  wavelengthChecking (sType) 
  wavenumber [k] = wavevector(obj, vWavelength, fTheta, fPhi) 
  wavevector [k] = wavevector(obj, vWavelength, fTheta, fPhi) 
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed.