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 size Size of containers.Map object
    dim = size(mapObj,1) returns a scalar numeric value that indicates the 
    number of key-value pairs in mapObj. If you call size with a numeric 
    second input argument other than 1, the size method returns the scalar 
    numeric value 1.
    dimVector = size(mapObj) returns the two-element row vector [k,1], 
    where k is the number of key-value pairs in mapObj. 
    [dim1,dim2,...,dimN] = size(mapObj) returns [k,1,...,1].
    Construct a map and find the number of key-value pairs:
    myKeys = {'a','b','c'};
    myValues = [1,2,3];
    mapObj = containers.Map(myKeys,myValues);
    dim = size(mapObj,1)
    This code returns a scalar numeric value:
    dim =
    If you do not specify a second input argument,
    dimVector = size(mapObj)
    then the size method returns a vector:
    dimVector =
        3     1
Help for CParameterList/size is inherited from superclass containers.Map
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Defining Class containers.Map
Access public
Sealed false
Static false