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Class Details
Superclasses matlab.mixin.Heterogeneous, handle
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
CModernProcess CPROCESS Summary of this class goes here 
Property Summary
Method Summary
  addlistener Add listener for event. 
Sealed   cat Concatenation for heterogeneous arrays 
  delete Delete a handle object. 
  eq == (EQ) Test handle equality. 
  findobj Find objects matching specified conditions. 
  findprop Find property of MATLAB handle object. 
  ge >= (GE) Greater than or equal relation for handles. 
protected Static   getDefaultScalarElement Create a default object for heterogeneous arrays 
  gt > (GT) Greater than relation for handles. 
Sealed   horzcat Horizontal concatenation for heterogeneous arrays 
Sealed   isvalid Test handle validity. 
  le <= (LE) Less than or equal relation for handles. 
  lt < (LT) Less than relation for handles. 
  ne ~= (NE) Not equal relation for handles. 
  notify Notify listeners of event. 
Sealed   vertcat Vertical concatenation for heterogeneous arrays 
Abstract   getDerivative  
Abstract   getDerivativeSlope  
Abstract   isLinear  
Abstract   setup  
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed.