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 CExpEuler First-order forward Euler exponential integrator
    in future will become special case of ExpRK
    this solves problems like dA/dz = L A + N
    so at each step L and N is required.
  good for linear propagation, spm (gets slow, but acurate)
  for nonaxial propagation requires acuracy < 1e-4 forcing
  unrealistically small steps.
Class Details
Superclasses CMethod
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
CExpEuler First-order forward Euler exponential integrator 
Property Summary
m_caIntL m_caLinearPart; 
m_caNonlinearPart FourierSpace 
m_iOrder local error proportional to h^(m_iOrder+1), global error proportional to h^m_iOrder 
m_mExp m_mZeroLinearPartIndices; 
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